KWs "Smiley Face" silo is a local landmark in Troy, AL.

Bakersfield, CA
KW Plastics, headquartered in Troy, Al, was formed in 1981 to reclaim and recycle the polypropylene used in automotive battery casings that had been banned from landfills. Today, KW Plastics is an international leader in post-consumer and post-industrial plastics recycling, and the world's largest producer of custom-engineered, recycled polypropylene co-polymer resins.

KW Plastics operates state-of-the-art facilities in Troy, AL and Bakersfield, CA, producing injection grade compounds for manufacturers from coast-to-coast. Some of the major markets for our compounds include the automotive industry, container industry, battery industry and industrial caster wheel industry.

KW Plastics is continually on the move, pioneering new markets and technologies to meet tomorrow's recycling demands.

KW Plastics